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Welcome to the world wide web page of cult internet car wreck Betamax9X.

From the Campsie Hills to the Arklay Mountains and beyond, you're guaranteed at least three hours of damn fine viewing every Monday night around 9pm GMT / 3pm EST on my Twitch channel.

I'm currently playing 16-bit games where I'm trying to attempt to 1CC (One Credit Clear, not using continues) them on stream. From time-to-time, I also play Countdown Vampire rip-offs such as Resident Evil and Dino Crisis.

When I'm not playing video games, I'm writing stuff. I'm an Arts & Humanities and Creative Writing student, so check out below for the latest articles, conspiracies, scandals, cheat codes and Batman sightings.

XCC Records:

This is the list of games that I have completed on stream, with my best recorded attempts. Some of these, I have done better but apparently doing it "off stream" doesn't count.

 Mortal Kombat (Arcade Hack)   2CC   Scorpion   Easy   Vid
 Neo Drift Out  1CC  Celica  Arcade  Vid
 Neo Turf Masters   4CC   Shot Maker   Arcade 
 Shock Troopers  3CC  Maru  Arcade
 Street Fighter II: Champion Edition   1CC  Sagat  3 Star
 Street Fighter II: CE (Hyper)   1CC  Ken  3 Star
 Street Fighter Alpha 2 (1 Round)   2CC  Sakura  Easy
 Streets of Rage 2   2CC
 Streets of Rage 2 (SFII Hack)   2CC
 Strikers 1945   5CC  Spitfire  Arcade
 Super Street Fighter II   1CC  Ken  3 Star
 WWF WrestleMania (IC Title)   1CC   Bret Hart   Easy   Vid

Random Stories:

Ramblings that are wrote with an AI generator:

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